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Dental Prosthetics


These are restorations made of porcelain (zirconium) that cover the entire tooth. This treatment is used when a large part of the tooth has been damaged, when the tooth is in danger or when a tooth has been denervated. They are of excellent durability and aesthetics, while they are made of extremely biocompatible materials. During the first appointment, the tooth is ground and an impression is taken. At the same appointment, a temporary crown made of acrylic material is made in the clinic’s laboratory by our dental technician to meet the patient’s aesthetic and functional needs until the permanent result. In the second appointment, we make sure that the crown is bonded with special powders and any chance of detachment is elliminated.


These are restorations used to restore one or more missing teeth. Usually the material used is zirconium, while in specific cases (where many posterior teeth are missing) metal-ceramic bridges are used. At the first appointment, the teeth are ground and, if possible, an impression is taken at the same appointment. Then a temporary bridge made of acrylic material is made in the clinic’s laboratory by our dental technicians to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of the patient until the permanent work is made. At the next appointment, the bridge is bonded with special powders that eliminate the possibility of detachment.


In cases where many teeth are missing and it is not possible to place implants, the restoration is done with removable dentures. The greatest disadvantage of this treatment comparing to other prosthetic treatments, is that the patient needs to remove and clean them daily.